ASAP Takes Mobile Piano Lab to Willkie

In January 2019, ASAP piloted a mobile Piano Lab program with generous support from the Meier Bernstein Foundation. Students at Stowe Elementary in Des Moines participated in weekly lessons, and the program culminated in a recital in May for nine children who performed for their families and friends. Building on that successful pilot, plans were made to not only resume but expand Piano Lab in the 2019–20 school year — plans that were derailed by COVID-19. In the 2020–21 school year, community partners like ASAP are not allowed to host face-to-face programs within Des Moines Public Schools. But ASAP has forged a new partnership with the 100-year-old community-based organization Willkie House, which offers a thriving full-day school-year program during virtual learning days. Piano Lab is active again, with a small group of students who are committed to learning and practicing. ASAP Willkie House Piano Lab is led by Dr. Michael Elsbernd.

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